Our Mission

ScholarLead is for educators, by educators.

ScholarLead was born out of our work with schools around the country. As we collaborated with school administrators and staff to boost their enrollment, we found that many schools used outdated pen-and-paper systems to manage their enrollment. These time-consuming systems took educators away from the classroom and detracted from their lessons and time with students. We created ScholarLead - and this digital launch course - to help educators streamline their enrollment process so they can get back to the classroom and what matters most.

Our Impact

Our work helps high performing schools serve more students and improves educational outcomes for local communities.

By boosting enrollment through digital media and simplifying the recruitment process for schools, we've helped students around the country achieve a high-quality education. These students, equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed, then go on to influence positive change in their communities. When schools have automated enrollment systems that save time and money, they can better serve these students and change even more lives for the better.


Course curriculum

Our course will teach you how to get set up on digital advertising platforms, run your first ads, analyze your results, and more. As part of your monthly subscription, you also get four hours worth of hands-on office hours where you can chat with our team and get help on your campaign.

    1. Welcome to Our Digital Launch Course!

    1. Getting to Know Your School

    2. Vision Setting & Objectives

    1. Enrollment Funnel

    2. Tiers of Enrollment Strategies

    3. Budget Estimator

    1. Tier 1: Develop Your Brand

    2. Tier 1: Launching Facebook & Instagram

    3. Tier 1: Creating an Engaging Website

    1. Tier 2: Facebook Ads Manager

    2. Tier 2: Facebook Messenger Ads

    3. Tier 2: Facebook Event Ads

    4. Tier 2: Understanding Google Analytics

    5. Tier 2: Building a Texting Campaign

    1. The Power of CRMs

    2. Shifting Digital Strategies Based on Returns

About this course

  • 18 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Office Hours

Need help? Meet with our team at ScholarLead during our dedicated office hours, held every Wednesday from 3-5pm MDT.

As part of your subscription, you get four hours each month to meet with our team. During our office hours, you can get feedback on your campaign, review course concepts, and refine your school's digital enrollment tactics.

Want a demo of the course?

Schedule a one-on-one with one of our team members and learn what our digital launch course can do for you & your school.

Our Founders

Our founders have worked hand-in-hand with schools for years to help increase their enrollment. Now, they've designed a web app that will simplify and modernize your enrollment process.

Nick Brown


My goal is to help outstanding schools enroll more students to improve educational outcomes in our country. I'm the Co-founder of Effct.org and ScholarLead.com. Prior to social entrepreneurship, I was a Fulbright Scholar, teaching business English at a university in Bogotá, Colombia. Before that I taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade in the Mississippi Delta with Teach For America.

Uriel Berrum


I'm a social entrepreneur who aims to make the world a better place through technology. I serve as the CEO & Co-founder of ScholarLead.com. Throughout my life, I have always aimed higher; choosing to elevate the status quo. In working with schools around the country to boost their enrollment, I realized that many schools used outdated methods, such as pen and paper methods, to manage their enrollment process. Following this realization, Nick Brown and I went on to co-found ScholarLead.com in 2022, a new parent-relationship management web app that helps schools simplify their enrollment management.

Your Digital Enrollment Instructors

Our team has years of experience in the worlds of digital marketing, advertising and most importantly, teaching. In our course, they'll show you how to reach parents and families online and enroll new students using the power of the internet.

Miles Iton

Account Manager

As the account manager of Effct.org, I manage the digital advertisements and systems used by our clients to help them achieve their enrollment goals. As part of our Digital Launch Course, I will teach you how to place ads on various digital platforms and best practices for your enrollment campaign. I recently completed my Fulbright Scholarship in Taiwan, where I also earned my masters. During my time at the New College of Florida, I served as Student Body President.

Gabriella Visani

Director of School Success

As the Director for School Success at ScholarLead, I work with our client schools to guarantee that our parent-relationship management platform is benefitting their enrollment process and that they are supported throughout the recruitment season. Before joining the ScholarLead team, I was a teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep, where I taught fourth and fifth grade, and was a Teach for America Corps Member. Before that, I attended the University of Southern California and Colorado State University.

John Boughey

Digital Strategist

As Effct.org's Digital Strategist, I work with our client schools to determine how best to target interested parents online. In this course, I'll teach you how to use various digital platforms, how to analyze your results, and best practices for your digital launch campaign. Before joining the Effct.org team full-time, I was a Digital Media Intern and Account Coordinator for the agency. During that time, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Advertising Strategy.

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